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I should fetch data information from HP MSA2040 storage, discovering it on OCI 7.3, but i saw the Matrix file and it seems not supported. How may i proceed with OCI discover the storage?



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NetApp has no immediate plans to add MSA support.


In general, OCI doesn't support direct attached (eg: SAS, etc) configurations. It isn't clear to us what percentage of MSA are FC/iSCSI versus deployed as SAS.


If your array is FC connected, you can manually identify the storage ports as a storage array, this will at least give you host to array visibility.


OCI 7.3 and higher has some capabilites to display data retrieved via SNMP. The MSA does have some SNMP support


But is isn't clear what you are looking to do - I have looked over the FCMGMT-MIB, and it doesn't seem to cover volumes, capacity, etc - it is very FC switch centric. So, I would not be optimistic that much other than the health of the array, and perhaps port statistics are available via SNMP.



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Hi Matt,

thanks for the answer. So, i can use only some snmp trap for MSA.  There isn't any solution in order to catch information about disk, performance, size, etc., from MSA?

We only wait for OCI update, maybe in new upgrade the MSA will be supported.




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