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OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2 RC1 is now available!


OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2 RC1 is now available. This version supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), and can be used to manage both Data ONTAP in 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP.

Note: When you use System Manager 3.1.2 RC1 to manage Data ONTAP 8.3 clusters, System Manager 8.3 is launched to manage these clusters.

For a complete list of features, enhancements, browser and OS versions supported view the product release notes on the NetApp Support and Download Pages.


OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2 RC1 - Java 8 process does not close


Installed Java 8 Update 60.   Installed OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2.  Using Firefox and the plugin.   I have the port fixed to a specific port (security audit purposes).   If I close out then re-start the system manager, it tells me the port is still in use.   I looked at the process table and found the Java Runtime is still running.   Once I kill that process, I am able to restart the system manager with the desired port.   Is there a proper way to exit out of the session to ensure the Java process is also terminated?

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