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OnCommand System Manager 7-Mode Management




I"m need some explain, about the marvelous product : System Manager 3.1.1 or RCx ...


I've a new PC, windows 8.1 Pro, java 8 is already instaled 

I try to install System Manager 3.1.1 to manage my NetApp, but this prodcut want to have JAVA 7...


@ this moment and after have follow all tutorial to uninstall JAVA 8 and install JAVA 7 the JAVA 7 wont intall it on my PC

So, Actualy I've java 8, how can I manage my NetApp otherwise by PuTTY ? I like CLI, but we are in 2015 !


Thanks before 







Can you let us know the error message when you try to install Java 7 version?




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For the JAVA 7 the error message is :


The last time you try to install JAVA have been not terminate correctly, try to rebot and install it again ...


so I've try bbut same think ....


Windows 8.1 problem ?


Did you try to un-install from control panel ?

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Hi Cedric


Please try one of these workarounds to use System Manager  -


1. Use the Windows command-line interface (CLI) and run the following command from the System Manager installation directory.
java -jar SystemManager.jar


2. Navigate to the System Manager installation directory on your Windows system and double-click the SystemManager.jar file


Hopefully this should make things work.


The next version of 3.1.2 will support Java 8 officialy.






I havent yet can install System Manager ...

So i dont have any repertory ksut the .EXE 

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