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Protection Manager Script Execution


I have a question about how Protection Manager executes scripts.  I created a dataset with a policy that only invokes a custom script.  However, when I execute the dataset, the dataset then exectutes the script within the policy TWICE.  Why is this?  This will cause problems if I can't prevent this:





Thanks in advance.





Did you ever get this resolved? Are there any other "progress" indicators that detail the script being run, or just the two? Is there an "end" status indicator detailing the script has completed? Also, have you in fact confirmed that the script has run twice on the storage arrays? Reason I ask is because sometime Protection Manager likes to tell you what it's doing all the time. You will notice the timestamp is the same in both examples below. It could be perhaps Protection Manager is just telling you that it's still running the script and giving you a "progress" indicator. But if the script has in fact run twice on the arrays then that's something different. If so what version are you running?



The only progress indicators are those that I provided in the screen-shots.


And yes, it is in fact executing the script twice, for there is only one command in the script to create a single clone and 2 clones are created from the volume every time.


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