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OnCommand System Manager Authentication


Successfully used OCSM 2.1 from Win7 workstation (customer-defined version requirements) to create local account(s) on NetApp 2240; successfully repeated the process using command-line.  Despite successfully creating account(s) and changing password(s), can only log in locally using the new account(s); unable to use the new account(s) to authenticate in OCSM from same workstation.  Even experimented with groups to which account(s) assigned; all to no avail.  Appears only the ROOT account authenticates using OCSM. I'm certainly missing something, probably something very easy.


Re: OnCommand System Manager Authentication


Seems I found my own issue.  Had initially created account(s) on only one controller of the HA partners.  Solution is that the same logon ID (using same password) must be created on BOTH controllers of the HA pair.  Only then can the new account(s) connect using OCSM from another computer.

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