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dfm: Error event Aggregate Overcommitted




I have started monitoring files with ONTAP8.1.3R2 with OCUM 5.2.

I received the following "Aggregate Overcommitted" Errors. I'm wondering why this error occurrs even all volumes in the aggregate are not thin provisioned.

Does anybody explain the reason?


Error message:

Subject: dfm: Error event on filerA:aggr2 (Aggregate Overcommitted)

An Error event at 17 Dec 02:18 EST on Aggregate aggr2 on Active/Active Controller filerA:Aggregate Overcommitted.
Committed 7.42 TB (110.31%) out of 6.73 TB available; Using 6.28 TB (93.33%) out of 6.73 TB available



On the filerA:

> aggr show_space -h aggr2

Aggregate 'aggr2'

    Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space       BSR NVLOG           A-SIS          Smtape
         7655GB           765GB             0KB          6890GB             0KB             0KB             0KB

Space allocated to volumes in the aggregate

Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee
a_vol                          1592GB          1480GB          volume
b_vol                          1273GB          1099GB          volume
c_vol                          1273GB          1173GB          volume
d_vol                           2229GB          1400GB          volume

Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail
Total space                        6369GB          5153GB           397GB
Snap reserve                          0KB           123GB             0KB
WAFL reserve                        765GB            83GB           682GB



On the OCUM server

# dfm report view volumes-space-guarantees filerA:aggr2
Object ID Volume               Aggregate Storage Server              Space Guarantee Unused Guaranteed Space Volume Total Aggr Total
--------- -------------------- --------- --------------------------- --------------- ----------------------- ------------ -----------
195       a_vol       aggr2     filerA  volume                        884325612   2324595704  7225079512
189      b_vol     aggr2     filerA  volume                        128453856   1660425504  7225079512
191      c_vol     aggr2     filerA  volume                        191914624   1328340404  7225079512
193      d_vol aggr2     filerA  volume                        114099200   1328340404  7225079512
Totals                                                                          1318793292   6641702016 28900318048

 dfm report view volumes-autosize-details filerA:aggr2
Object ID Volume               Storage Server              Autosize State Maximum Size Increment Size
--------- -------------------- --------------------------- -------------- ------------ --------------
195       a_vol       filerA  On               2789514720      116229780
189       b_vol     filerA   On               1992510240       83021260
191       c_vol     filerA  On               1594008480       66417020
193       d_vol   filerA  On               1594008480       66417020


If you need any other date, please let me know.



Re: dfm: Error event Aggregate Overcommitted


within data ontap, check to see if autosize is enabled for the volumes contained within the aggregate.  OCUM 5.x calculates the overcommited space in an aggregate based on the maximum size that a volume can grow to using the autosize option within ontap.

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Re: dfm: Error event Aggregate Overcommitted


Hi, Doc_Poulson.


Yes, the Autosize state is on. Now I understood how the aggregate maxinum size is calculated. Thank you.

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