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OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2GA - Annotations/FIlters




i have one question regarding the new OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2GA.

We are using custom annotations and rules to filter our volumes by their name into different volume groups.

Everything ist working fine, but is there any way to use custom annotations as as filter for the "Storage -> Volumes"-View?

You can only check the 3 boxes for the system default annotation "data-priority" but we dont use this annotation [too bad u cannot edit it =( ]

The only way to list up our filtered volumes is by going to "Manage annotations" and click the "hyperlink" with the number of volumes under the certain annotation value.

But this seems more like a workaround to me...

Is there a chance to edit the filters or is it not possible in the current "development state" of the software?








Any feedback on this? I have a business need to report based upon these annotations using OCUM. In my old DFM I used to be able to export group memberships so I could report on that column. I would like to export the annotation fields so I can report on those memberships as well. There doesn't seem to be any OnTap powershell commands either that deal with annotations.


+1 - this problem still appears to be true in 6.4.  Cannot easily utilize annotations in custom reports, cannot filter on volumes with custom annotations.





Its not directly available for filtering; however if you use the DB schema "ocum_report" you will be able to create reports with reference to annotation definitions becuase SVM, volume and Cluster annotations are available as consumable DB views. Please follow the TR http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4565.pdf for more details.





Bumping this thread, it seems the custom annotations still can't be added to a filter in 9.4.


Please can you forwrd this thread to the product manager to raise this as a feature request, it would make the interface hugely more useful for a system that has many objects present.


We need the custom annotations to appear on the filter list for clusters, SVM and volumes. If within the options there was a tick box to "add to filter list" that would be perfect. 




Hi Amaya,


Its great to know you are using annotations extensively. I will defnitely followup with the Unified Manager Product Manager on this and prioritize this request as a feature add.






We are having a similar issue.  We created both groups and annotations.  However, there appears to be no way of filtering based on annotations or groups within the reporting tab.  I have tried to filter using the ellipse tool, but cannot find anyway to filter on either of these items.




I got annotations created well, but I have same problem.


I cannot see annotations to filter in dashboard


any help


Thanks and regards



Hi Marcel,


You can always create new annotations and its very easy to set up. You need to create appropriate filters for storage objects that you need to attach to an annotation - SVM, Cluster, Volumes. Please follow the attached document to create the same.





Hey Dhiman,


thanks for your response, i totally forgot about this thread.. =(

The annotations are working fine, we got all the rules set up, but we cant see our annotations in the cluster,svm,volumes pane.

I will attach some screenshots to underline my problem 😃

Is it possible to include the annotation "test" with the values "test" and "nfs" into the filter objects, just like it is for the "data-priority" annotation.

Thats my question







Hi Marcel,


Only built-in annotations can be filtered. All the custom annotations will not be reflected under the "Annotation" view in the storage tab on the left hand side. Hope this helps!





so what is the point of annotations, if you cannot use them for anything?  What am I missing?


Annotations can be used for two purposes:


1. Logically grouping them. For example, in Unified Manager 6.3 when you navigate to an annotated object in the UM 6.3 web page, you can view the annotations it is associated to. This will allow you to know which group/BU/LOB etc. the storage object represents.


2. Annotations can be used in context specific reporting. If you want to create a fancy Operational report with the eclipse tool, you can use annotations to create a report with a group of storage objects, rendered as annotations - SVM, volume or cluster.


Hope this helps!







it seems an improvement carried out beginning in OCUM6.3




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