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OnCommand lost vFilers after IP changes


We recently moved one of our Filers to a new location and gave it a new IP address in a different network ranmge.
The Ip's for all it' s child vFilers were also updated at the same time

Unfortunately since then Oncommand and DFM no longer displays or monitors the vFilers.

The Filer however which is on the same subnet is picked up ok.

I tried doing a dfm vfiler add to Filer but all I got were the OLD vFiler's under thier old IP addresses so they all shwed as down.

How do I refresh DFM to ignore these old ones and bring in the new.

I have the IP address range in discover which has worked as it picked up the filer under it's new IP, but it won't pick up the vFiler


At my wits end now! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



From the server cli where OnCommand is installed try starting with a... dfm host get -q

This will give you output similar to the following:


hostClockSkewedThreshold=1 minute
hostClockNearlySkewedThreshold=30 seconds


The -q is important because it will return the values that need to be modified.

From there you can use the "dfm host set" command to set the appropriate values.


C:\>dfm host set help

    set -- change settings (for example, hostFullName and hostPrimaryAddress) for a managed host.

    dfm host set <object> <option-name>=<option-value> ...

    Changes one or more options of a host.
    All option names will be listed by executing
    this command without any parameters.


Unfortunately the output above is from cDOT so I don't have an exact 7mode vfiler reference. So there may be slight nuances for 7mode that you will need to work through. Good luck!