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As new user with OnCommand  Balance , why servers added still have " command execution failed " message in discovery collection tab and " file access error " in statistics collection tab. Port 9443 or 443 is  opened.

Tks for yours answers



We too are new users of Balance v4.1.0.2 and are getting tons of "COMMAND_EXECUTION_FAILED Generic error = > Not found" messages.

I am not finding any other threads in this forum about what this generic error is, what it means and how to fix it, etc.


There are several defects fixed in the area of MS Windows guest and server discovery. Please update to the latest version of OnCommand Balance 4.1.1, and let us know the results.


We upgraded the appliance from v4. to v4. and pushed out the new proxy software and still getting 2 of these goofy generic errors.

#1. "Error:Command Execution Failed; Generic error =>  Class not registered". 

This is on a Win2003 R2 SP2 x64 virtual machine. SNMP and WMI are both running fine. No software or hardware firewalls involved in the mix (The service is started; but Group policy enforces (greyed out) the "off" setting within the Windows FW app. I disabled/stopped the "Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing" service and re-discover. Get the same thing: "Error:Command Execution Failed; Generic error =>  Class not registered"

#2. "Error:Command Execution Failed; Generic error => Not found."

This is on a Win2003 R2 SP2 x86 virtual machine. WMI is running. There is 'not' SNMP installed. This configuration, though, is like a bunch of our other Citrix Presentation Servers -- those are being monitored by Balance just fine.

Neither servers have failure entries in their Event Logs correlating to the times of these Balance scans.


Well this is now getting sticky. WMI issues can be difficult to diagnose. I would recommend one of two options.

1) review KB 1012873, which has details about how to test WMI against the servers that are not working. This might shed some light on the cause.

2) Contact Support, and open a ticket for this issue.


Peter L -- thanks for the KB article tip. The WMI tests went just fine though.

We still need to add more equipment into Balance monitoring, but if we continue to get these issues I'll open a support case and go from there. I'll report the fix back here too for others to attempt to use too.


Please open a support ticket.  We will need to look at the collection logs on the proxy.

Balance attempts to display a useful error indicator looking for common key phrases in the WMI error response such as:

  • RPC server is unavailable
  • Access is denied
  • Permission denied
  • Server execution failed
  • service cannot be started
  • Incomplete class

If the error doesn't match any of these common phrases you will see the "Generic error => " response.  The text following the "=>" is taken from the WMI error response, which is why we would need to see the proxy logs and raw files to determine in your case what class was not registered or what was not found.

We may very well need to get on a live webex to diagnose this further if there is not enough information in the logs and raw data.