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OneCollect - IMT button not working


Hi All,


I have large environement for which I am trying to check compatibility for ONTAP upgrade. I am using OneCollect tool to collect information. I can gather information fine but unable to see analysis by clicking on IMT button. when I press IMT button, it takes me to Add-ons page. this page advises to download 2 .xls files and copy into a particular folder, which I could not find. so I created folder myself and copied files. After this, when i click on IMT button, i get redirected to Add-ons page.


Does anyone knows why folder were not created and why IMT does not geenrate any advisiory/information?





Re: OneCollect - IMT button not working


I resolved this issue by gaining admin credentials on my computer. Issue was that I was installing using run as and credentials are not mine but support administrator.


Good for now!

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