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REST interface for data source job status


We rely heavily on WFA and OCUM to manage our NetApp storage, from reporting to simple operational tasks.


Our WFA 4.1 Windows instance has a data source job that routinely pulls storage data from OCUM. This is pretty normal I think?


We rely heavily on this data source job, and we need to be sure it runs properly. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to use REST to pull the data source job status from WFA? I know I can go to this URL, and it gets me a list of data sources that I've defined:



Here is an example of the OCUM data source from that URL:


<dataSource name="OCUM71RC1_PROD" schema="cm_storage">
   <type>OnCommand Unified Manager - 7.0,7.1 (MYSQL)</type>
   <atom:link rel="acquire" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources/OCUM71RC1_PROD/cm_storage/jobs"/>
   <atom:link rel="remove-data-source" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources/OCUM71RC1_PROD"/>
   <atom:link rel="edit-data-source" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources/OCUM71RC1_PROD"/>
   <atom:link rel="self" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources/OCUM71RC1_PROD/cm_storage"/>
   <atom:link rel="last_acquisition_jobs_by_type" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources/type/UID/jobs"/>
   <atom:link rel="data-source-type" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_source_types/UID"/>
   <atom:link rel="list" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources"/>
   <atom:link rel="acquire-data-source-by-name" href="https://WFA_SERVER_NAME/rest/data_sources/OCUM71RC1_PROD/jobs"/>


I've obsfuscated some of the data above.


I took my browser and went through each of these hrefs, but couldn't find anything relavent to the data source job status. Does anyone know if this is exposed elsewhere?




Re: REST interface for data source job status


Unknown for the REST query, but you may configure a user (Administration > Users, right-click on the user and Edit or click to highlight and click the Pencil to edit) and set the Notify on: "Acquisition failure" checkbox.  WFA will send that user an email if acquisition fails.

Re: REST interface for data source job status




If you browse to the https://servername/rest/docs you get a pretty good dynamic layout of the REST information that is available in your current version. I believe you may be able to get what you are interested in through the:



this will return an aquisitionJob element which contains parameters for start time, duration and status among other things. You will of course need to programatically determine the job_id you are after but that information is all attainable. 




Re: REST interface for data source job status




Yes you can query the job status of a data source using the REST API.

Check the Swagger interfact for browsing the WFA REST API's using your browser:




You first need to find the UUID of the datasource using:




find the datasource by name then get the UUID and pass that into the following URI.




If you click the "Try it out" button you can view the aquisition job and status for that datasource.




EG for my environment the URI is:




The REST output is:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<collection xmlns:atom="">
  <acquisitionJob jobId="29740">
      <plannedExecution>21/02/2018 9:05:07 AM</plannedExecution>
      <startTime>21/02/2018 9:05:10 AM</startTime>
    <dataSource name="OCUM" schema="cm_storage">
      <type>OnCommand Unified Manager - 7.0,7.1 (MYSQL)</type>
      <atom:link rel="acquire" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM/cm_storage/jobs"/>
      <atom:link rel="remove-data-source" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM"/>
      <atom:link rel="edit-data-source" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM"/>
      <atom:link rel="self" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM/cm_storage"/>
      <atom:link rel="last_acquisition_jobs_by_type" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/type/d3483508-8a4a-42c3-aa78-112b317f2edf/jobs"/>
      <atom:link rel="data-source-type" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_source_types/d3483508-8a4a-42c3-aa78-112b317f2edf"/>
      <atom:link rel="list" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources"/>
      <atom:link rel="acquire-data-source-by-name" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM/jobs"/>
    <atom:link rel="acquisition-job-by-name" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM/jobs/29740"/>
    <atom:link rel="self" href="https://wfa.testlab.local/rest/data_sources/OCUM/cm_storage/jobs/29740"/>

You could write a script or workflow (on a scheuduled basis) that alerts you if the datastore acquisition status is not 'completed'


Hope this helps



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Re: REST interface for data source job status


Thanks everyone for the quick response to my question!


I admit, I did look at https://<%wfa_server%>/rest/data_sources/type/<%uuid%>/jobs, but for whatever reason, I failed to see the status field in the XML output. Thanks to @mbeattie for confirming that error messages are displayed too, which speeds troubleshooting.


I also took advice from @marzec and also populated the email notification field for a user, which is the quickest way to get alerts for now, until I make use of the status URL.


Thanks again everyone!

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