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Ontap PowerShell Toolkit: How to create a security descriptor from the DACLs of an existing dir


I'm looking for help on creating some powershell code that retrieves the current DACLs of a volume (or directory path) and stores it as a security descriptor.  I had come across this page on the web ( and it guided me through applying new permissions using the OnTap Powershell toolkit - however I cannot devise a way to modify the code so that an ACE can be removed or added to the ACL (Security Descriptor).


I presume it's some combination of Get-NcFileDirectorySecurity and (New-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfs or Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl).  I've investigated all of the *NcFileDirectorySecurity* cmdlets, and only Get-NCFileDirectorySecurity appears to retrieve currently applied permissions, but it cannot be pipe'd into another cmdlet 😞


My larger objective is to build a WFA command that allows a user to add/remove an AD Group from their volume.   I've found the Powershell toolkit to be much quicker and straightforward than using (Get-Acl / Set-Acl)





connect-NcController $ClusterName


$volName = "vol_test_3"
$Vserver = "svm-lab-a"


Get-NcFileDirectorySecurity -Path "/$volName" -VserverContext $Vserver | New-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfs -SecurityDescriptor $VolName     #this part doesn't work!   First cmdlet returns ACLs, but doesn't store it within SecurityDescriptor.

Get-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl -SecurityDescriptor $volName -Vserver $vserver   #my output is {Administrators,Users,CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM}.   I'm hoping to capture the DACLs of "/$VolName" - such as displayed by (Get-NcFileDirectorySecurity -Path "/$volName" -VserverContext $Vserver).acls



Could you resolve this issue?

If not, do let us know.




I'm looking for the equivilent of 


vserver security file-directory show 

That would create a SecurityDescriptor from inputted directory path


Hello @ChadPruden,


You'll want to use the Get-NcFileDirectorySecurity cmdlet.


Hope that helps.



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Any tips on getting that into a SecurityDescriptor object that I could then modify and re-apply to the directory ACEs?  It appears the output is just TEXT and I'd have to parse it extensively.


??                                     #Create Security Descriptor from the active ACEs
Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNTFSDacl #Modify Security Descriptor Set-NcFileDirectorySecurity #Apply modified permissions


Did you ever find a solution for this using the powershell module?


I have not found a solution to this.


My objective is to 'modify' existing NTFS directory ACLs using the Ontap Powershell module.  The alternative is to use cacls.exe /T /E /G user:perm  or cacls.exe /T /E /R user:perm - however that is much slower and prone to problems if the executing AD user doesn't have FULL_CONTROL.


I was not able to get the Powershell module commands to read existing DACLs into a security descriptor.  I will eventually be putting these commands into a WFA workflow.

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