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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Update on NetApp Harvest (2.0 & 1.7)


Dear all,


It has been a while, here is finally some news about NetApp Harvest.



- We are planning Harvest 2.0 alpha-test release in around a month

- Simultaneously, we will do a (probably last) legacy release, Harvest 1.7, in August.


Harvest 2.0

Things have been going a bit slower than we expected, but we made a lot of progress. As announced earlier, we've changed the whole architecture to meet two goals that are often regarded as disjoint in software engineering: high performance and high flexibility. Flexibility mainly means that it will be much easier to integrate Harvest to any system that you want to monitor (including but not limited to Ontap systems). It will be also relatively easier to feed metrics into new databases. Out of the box, we will support Prometheus. Graphite will be supported as well, but with some limitations (since Graphite only accepts numerical data).


Screenshot from 2020-06-25 15-21-52_.png


Before we plan on the official release of Harvest 2.0, we want to do an alpha-test release for users who want to "play around" with the new software and give us feedback. Tentatively we want to do this release late July or early August (once we decide the final date, I'll post an update here).


If you are interested to get the alpha release, please send me a message with your name, email address and organization. But please note the following:

- this will be a strictly test release, not intended for production

- Harvest 2.0 requires Linux + Python3 and optionally pip to install dependencies,

- supports only CDOT systems, 7 mode will come later

- gives you approximately the same set of counters as Harvest 1.6 + extensions

- for capacity counters there is no need for OCUM/ActiveIQUM anymore

- collected counters can be sent to Prometheus or Graphite or both, but:

- there will be limited number of Grafana dashboards ready and only for Prometheus (but of course, you can create your dashboards if wished)

- Harvest 2.0 includes a self-monitoring collector, so you can see how much CPU/RAM it uses and compare to Harvest 1.6

- it will come with a developer's documentation for writing your own collectors and exporters.


If you want to test the new package, we appreciate that a lot, since feedback at this point can help us incredibly.

If you want to wait for the official (stable) release, just keep tuned. We will keep you updated as soon as we have a release date on the horizon.


Harvest 1.7

This will probably be our last legacy release which we are planning to do in August. It will mainly include bug fixes and no new major features.


Lastly, again, I need to apologize for not responding to many messages here in communities. I will try to catch up, but if you don't get a response to your issue, please DM or tag me (probably again -- sorry).







Just started this week finding out I can drink in pretty much everything we have into prometheus and while NABox was my training ground for Grafana I am really interested in using netapp-harvest-prometheus but seems like it's hit a bit of a road block.  Any updates?


Where to download Harvest 2.0 ??


Hello Vachagan / Community,


I have a customer that is asking where they can get Harvest 2.0.


I see on the NetApp Support site the latest version is 1.6.

Can anyone point me to the 2.0 version ?




Paul Sideris / NetApp GSAM






Hello,  I can't manage to find the 1.7 on the Tools page dedicated to Harvest, was it released as it was planned in august ?

Anyway, we would be interested in testing the 2.0 version in parralel if you're still looking for alpha testers.


Hi Nephium,


Unfortunately, we were to busy with Harvest 2.0 and did not manage to work on 1.7, we are currently trying to reschedule it...

If you want to get the Harvest 2.0 Alpha package just drop me a message with your email, name and company name!


Cheers, Vachagan

Customer of mine is looking for Harvest 2.0 as they are looking to feed all metrics to prometheus. How can we get access to harvest 2.0 package ?

Hello Community,

I need access to Harvest 2.0 for our customer as well.

I have already made a request for a link to download.

Please advise and thanks,


Paul Sideris
Global Support Account Manager
Professional Services - Americas



Is Harvest dead?

Hello Harvest Team,

Any way our customer (Cisco) can get a beta copy to use and assist with testing ?

Please me know asap , as customer is eager to get 2.0.

Thank You,


Paul Sideris
Global Support Account Manager
Professional Services - Americas

408-893-5068 Mobile Phone




Hi, I would also be interested on testing harvest 2.0

Is it possible to download it from somewhere? You can contact me on josep.moscardo@embl.de


They are still working on 2.0. "Private" beta test is already running.


Hytrea Co.,Ltd.


I'm using harvest, please send me version 2.0, Thanks


Any plans to provide a tool to migrate all existing metrics from graphite to Prometheus? We have one year worth of data which we would like to retain and move to Prometheus. If you can provide a tool for doing it, it will help a lot of customer i believe.



Hi, it's a little bit tricky with prometheus since it does not accept timestamps, but @gmey  is working on hack 🙂 we'll let you when there is a working solution.


I just wanted to check in here, I'm definitely interested in Harvest 2.0 - is it available now to us eager folks 🙂



Cool, thanks for your interest, just ping me a DM if you want to be on the list.

We have a bit of delay, since we changed a few things in the implementation (e.g. we don't use the NMDSK anymore). If you are on our list, we'll keep you updated!


Any work on release date?

We are interested is being part of a beta group as well?

Any news on harvest 2.0?  We've been running 1.6 for a while now but have a substantial prometheus infrastructure so would like to move to 2.0?





Hi Mike,


we rolled out the alpha-release internally today, next week we'll roll it out publicly (for anyone who signed up for the alpha package). I will post some more news next week here.


based on the feedback we get from the alpha-testers, we will set a date for the official beta release (which should be sometime in September).





are you still looking for Alpha testers?



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