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Operations Manager: "Could not get IP address for host xxxx. from DNS." warning on SnapVault Backup


Has anyone seen this error?

I have a SnapVault relationship configured in Operations Manager. The backup completes. The status of the relationship in the CLI is idle, with no lag. However there is a warning in OM that states Could not get IP address for host xxxx. from DNS.

Thanks in advance.




This error comes if the DNS alias fails for the host xxxx in DFM.

You can verify this by running "dfm host diag <hostname>" and check for "DNS Aliases" is showing properly.



I'm getting the same WARNING message too. Tried to run the suggested check for DNS Aliases and was unable to get that command to run in Putty.

Did you ever get this resolved?


Hi Dave,

     Are you saying dfm host diag cli is failing ? This options explains clearly what this warning means and why this warning and how it can be resolved.


The value of this option determines how dfm handles a mismatch in the IP address of a host stored in dfm database with that returned by DNS.

Possible values are off, warn (the default), update and error. Update can be used only for OSSV hosts.  If the value is off, dfm will ignore the  IP

address mismatch.  If the value is warn, a warning will be generated about the IP address mismatch, should one exist.  If the value is update,

dfm will update its database with the IP address returned by DNS.  If the value is error, dfm will throw an error reporting the IP address mismatch,s

should one exist.

Hope this helps and solves your problem