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Options for "OnCommand Systems Manager" under CDOT (bundled, vs. Linux or Windows packages)


We are about to convert from IBM nSeries running 7-mode to NetApp 8020's running CDOT, 2 clusters in 2 data centers, snapmirror configured as a "source" and a "DR-site".


In preperation I am setting up management-systems (VM's) for the newer versions of:

  1. OnCommand Systems Manager
  2. OnCommand Unified Manager
  3. OnCommand Performance Manager

"OnCommand Systems Manager" under CDOT comes "bundled" into the OnTap, as well as in Windows or Linux installation packages.  This seems beneficial as I won't have to worry about upgrading the application independantly of OnTap.  I'm assuming with 2 seperate CDOT clusters that 1 web-browser can have 2 tabs, 1 per IP address (1 per cluster) and access/manage the 2 clusters independantly.


I assume if we were to install either the Windows or Linux packages on a server (VM) we could then have the tytpical "single-pane" view, showing both clusters, although we then have to maintain/upgrade the application as well.


WHAT'S YOUR EXPERIENCE?  Am I correct in my understanding?







OnCommand System Manager is still available as a download to install on an admin's desktop (it's an admin UI, not a server), but for your new cDOT clusters it will just be a jump point to the embedded version on each (yes, just like FilerView used to be embedded).  If the 7mode filers are going away completely and these 2 clusters are the only objects being managed, you really don't need to install it locally, just create yourself boomarks in your browser to each cluster.  Make sure you checkout the latest release candidates for OnCommand Unified Manager (6.4rc1) and OnCommand Performance Manager (2.1rc1), as they link the UI so you only need a single URL to access both products.  It still requires you to use 2 VMs, and you are essenually drilling down into each UI from the top level but saves you a bookmark and allows you to manage access to both from the OCUM user administration.


Yes, the 2 CDOT clusters will be all all we'll have after the migration.


So it sounds like using the CDOT embedded Systems Manager, and 2 VM's running NetApp's provided VM images for the RC versions of OCUM and OCPM is your suggestion.


By the time we get this done those 2 may be past RC status to GA, a good-thing from our point of view.


Thanks for the help!