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Oracle ZFS "Raw to Usable Ratio" where is it hiding in the reports?


I am trying to do a report about Oracle ZFS array storage pools. Looking at the data source support matrix dated Dec 11, 2019, on page 183 under the Oracle ZFS data source under Insight -> Storage Pool -> Raw to Usable Ratio. 

I want to use this ratio to make the raw space match the usable space in an OCI report compared to what I have on an array. Example, I have a ZFS pool that is using raidz1 log stripe and cache stripe on ~180 TB of raw disk. The usable amount per the ZFS array is 117 TB. With the ratio I believe I could take the raw capacity and display it to close to what the ZFS array reports.


My problem is I look at the Schema diagram and I don't find it. I also go into DWH report and can't find it via the insertable objects under Storage and Storage Pools. 

Am I overlooking it? How to I use it?

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