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Passing WFA workflow input type table via REST API


I can't seem to find an example of how to pass a workflow input variable of type table via the WFA REST API. Any chance someone has one available and/or knows where I can find one?


Re: Passing WFA workflow input type table via REST API


Please take a look at the workflow "Create a Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Volume" that is shipped with WFA. It has an Table user input for "Export Rule Specification" which has 4 columns.


Here is what a sample input for executing this workflow from REST looks like . Notice that the input ExportRuleSpecification has 2 rows separated by "," and the 4 colums are separated by "~"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <userInputEntry key="ClusterName" value="wfa-sim-cluster" />
      <userInputEntry key="VserverName" value="vs1" />
      <userInputEntry key="VolumeName" value="vol1" />
      <userInputEntry key="VolumeSizeGB" value="2" />
      <userInputEntry key="VolumeJunctionPath" value="vol1" />
      <userInputEntry key="ExportPolicyName" value="default_policy" />
      <userInputEntry key="ExportRuleSpecification" value="," />


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