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WFA Input Type of 'password' issues


Is anyone else having problems with WFA version and user input types of 'Password'?   I'm running into two different problems and I can't recall if these issues existed before the recent patch in May or not.


First problem - 

If I make a 'Password' user input type dependent on another variable I'm unable to fill out the 'Re-enter' field.  It stays outlined in red and cannot be selected, tabbed into, etc.  This happens across IE, Chrome, and Firefox as well as on multiple workstations so I don't believe it's client side.  Am I missing something here?


I've uploaded the test workflow I've been using named - 'test_add_user_dependency.dar'.





Second issue - 


I'm getting an error of 'Password does not conform to filer conventions' when using an input type of 'Password' with a value of 'test1Test2T3st' to create users on a cluster.  




If I change the variable to an input type of 'string' instead and use the same password to create a user I don't have any problems.  If I test the command out from the Designer page it works without any issues.  I'm also able to create a user by hand in the CLI and in Powershell with the same password as well. 


Given the WFA command itself works during a test as well as CLI/Powershell leads me to believe it's some other WFA problem and not with the WFA command or underlying code.


I attached the two test workflows 'test_add_user_passwordtype_string.dar' & 'test_add_user_passwordtype_password.dar' I came up with when trying to narrow this problem down.


Re: WFA Input Type of 'password' issues



       Problem 1:  This is a known bug in WFA3.0.X . This will be fixed in the next WFA major release. You inconvinience is regretted.


      Problem 2: Your command has some problems. You need to declare a Parameter of type Password in your command code too.


   [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="User Password")]


Discover-Parameters will discover it of type "Password" in Parameter Definitions tab.



Now in the posh code too, you need to decrypt this password and obtain in in plaintext, before sending off into the cmdlet to Cluster for action.


if ($AuthMethod -eq 'password')
$SecurePassword= Get-WfaInputPassword -EncryptedPassword $Password
$textPass= ConvertFromSecureToPlain -SecurePassword $SecurePassword
$command += " -Password '$textPass'"



Read more about it in WFA developer's guide. 


Attaching the command "Add User" code in .txt format with the fix. 





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Re: WFA Input Type of 'password' issues


Sinhaa -


Problem 1 - Thank you for the information, we'll work through this by other means for the time being.


Problem 2 - the adjustments you provided worked like a charm!  I thought I had read through the entire developer doc but apparently missed a step 😉


Thank you for the help good sir!

Re: WFA Input Type of 'password' issues


I am working on one of the workflow.I found the same issue for "Re-Enter Password" field cant be edited only if you have kept input dependency for Password type variable.If you dont keep any input dependency for Password type variable, we are able to edit the "Re-Enter Password" field

Re: WFA Input Type of 'password' issues


Take WFA3.1 GA. It has this bug fixed.

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