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Performance Manager hostname changed, now Cluster Not Reachable in Unified Manager


I had OnCommand Unified Manager and OnCommand Performance Manager working fine for a while, but I updated both of their hostnames and regenerated their certificates and now OnCommand Unified Manager is giving me the error "Event: Cluster Not Reachable". I have two clusters and in both Unified Manager and Performance Manager, the clusters show recent data with no communication issues in both. I have tried removing the connection between UM and PM multiple times and when it's removed the error stops showing up, but once I re-add it the error resumes.

I'm thinking it's an invalid error because the error mentions specificly the old PM hostname, but the IP's haven't changed so it still shows the current IP of the cluster in the error. Is there any way to first verify it's getting current PM data and a way to cleanup the old invalid PM connection?