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SVM Disaster Recovery


I used the following to setup SVM Disaster recovery. Tested it and everything worked flawlessly. Currently have it snapmirroring over to our DR site every hour. In the SVM that I'm snapping over there are multiple volumes, can I set it up so different volumes are on different schedules. Vol_A gets snapped every hour, Vol_B is snapped every 15 minutes vol_C is snapped every 8 hours.


snapmirror modify -source-vserver ProdNAS -destination-vserver DRNAS -schedule hourly



Re: SVM Disaster Recovery


Hi ,


as of Data ONTAP 8.3.2 there is just a single schedule per SVM DR relationship which applies to all volumes.

The SVM DR feature will be further improved and a more granular approach is planned for a future release.


Kind regards, Niels



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