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Performance advisor not connecting to filers


I have installed performance advisor on my machine.   I downloaded the software from my data fabric manager server.  When I open up performance advisor, it asks for a server name and login credentials, which I add in, but then it comes back with an error message saying could not connect to host on port 8488.   Looking at the error details it says the server refused a connection on the indicated port.

I have different filers and all come back with the same error message.

Is there a step I have a missed, or is there anything I need to do on the filers.  Any advise.



Re: Performance advisor not connecting to filers


Try restarting the services and if that doesn't work please reboot the system.


Re: Performance advisor not connecting to filers


I am getting the same error. I restarted the services using dfm service stop/ start but still not able to connect to the filer on port 8088 or 8488. Connection refused.

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