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Problem WMI connection


Hi Folk,

We encouner a problem during a POC. We are using a proxy for WMI reports in order to grab counters inside Windows VM, but the connection doesn't work.

We try to connect VM host in WMI from the proxy to Windows VM with the tool "wbemtest" with the same account that the service account running Balance proxy service: it's working successfully.

You are able to take a look at the file enclosed, this is balance log.

Thank you for your help.



Re: Problem WMI connection


Hi Mathias,

From the logs provided,  A guess may be a locale issue and either an Invalid credential used to run the proxy service or the credential used to monitor the device. 

Below; is a known list of unsupported characters;

umlaut characters:  ä,  ö,  ü   (most likely)


. (period)

if this does not resolve your issue,  It would require the following:

  • Screen captures of the actual server failing, 
  • Balance version e.g.
  • More complete logs.  
  • Is the proxy successful discovered under Discovery--> Proxies
  • Are there servers being currently discovered via the proxy

Unfortunately, There is very little data for me to analyze much further.

If my replies are helpful or resolve the issue please take the time to mark the post as helpful or answered. Thank you!

Best regards,

Don Bourque


OnCommand Insight SE

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