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Problem with "Create cluster peer" command in WFA 3.1RC1


One of my users attempted to create a snapmirror between an 8.2.x cluster and an 8.3.x cluster, not that he actually meant to - it was a mistake in the selection of the destination cluster. But, this exposed a bug in the "Create cluster peer" command.


Since there was no peer relationship between the clusters, the command attempted to make some extra calls to determine things like the intercluster addresses. In the process of attempting to determine the configuration of the 8.2.x cluster  it made a call that included the API "net-port-broadcast-domain-get-iter", but that call doesn't exist until 8.3.x so the workflow fails. It appears that this API is used by the PowerShell commandlet "Get-NcNetInterface".


This is a snippet from the workflow log:


20:38:00.334 INFO  [Create cluster peer] Getting cluster peer info from the cluster 'fn31cdc'
20:38:00.365 INFO  [Create cluster peer] Determining the intercluster addresses for the cluster 'fn31cdc' since they were not supplied.
20:38:07.381 ERROR  [Create cluster peer] Failed to get intercluster addresses from the cluster fn31cdc and they were not supplied as input.
20:38:07.850 ERROR  [Create cluster peer] Command failed for Workflow 'Create SnapMirror (Schwab) modified' with error : Unable to find API: net-port-broadcast-domain-get-iter
20:38:07.865 INFO  [Create cluster peer] ***** Workflow Execution Failed *****


It would appear that this has little to do with one of the clusters running 8.3.x since the information it was requesting was from an 8.2.x cluster. This means that it will likely fail even if we attempt to create a snapmirror between two 8.2.x clusters.


1) Has anyone else run into this?

2) Any known workarounds?


Thank you for your attention to this matter,

    Scott Lindley



Hi Scott, This looks like a bug and AFAIK the command should atleast work between 8.2 clusters.
The error is coming while trying to get the inter cluster addresses using net-port-broadcast-domain-get-iter API which is not available in 8.2 cluster.

As a woraround, you can manually provide the inter cluster IP addresses  of the first cluster to the command.