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Protecting only Snapvault part of cascade is not working with on-Demand


Ok, so here is a quick high level

We have a VSM that is managed currently at the filer level with snapmriror.conf file.

We are implementing snapvault, but we are only implementing the management of the policy from the mirror to the vault

So for example

Our snapvault looks like

/vol/mirror/-   /vol/sv_mirror/snapvault_qtree

We import this into PM dataset that we custom design a policy and schedule for it. 

Our primary data volume, we select NONE because it's on a mirror and we know we can't take a snapshot of the read-only volume.

We then setup the transfer to back up and then retention.

Now, this works 100% on schedule, but does not work on-demand.    It fails, b/c protection manager is continuing to try to take a snapshot on the primary mirror.  This is frustrating b/c we tell it in the policy not to do it. 

Here is the error from the job

Volume_SV: Could not create snapshot for volume 'filera:/sv_voltest_m' (274). Reason: Snapshot operation not allowed on a read-only volume

It's like there is a bug b/c we don't want it to take a snapshot on primary b/c we know it's a read only.  We just want it to do a transfer and then take a snapshot.     Am I missing something?

We are running OCUM 5.2 p2



Just a friendly bump... anyone experience this or can set this scenario up in their lab