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Alternatives (and pros/cons) for techniques to control remote SM-SQL operations


I'm involved in more than one planning effort to use WFA to control SnapManager for SQL operations on multiple Windows SQL Server systems where the customer is already a heavy SnapManager for SQL. Use cases range from a) just setting up and controlling local snapshot backups b) integrating/adding SnapMirror/Vault relationships with the servers and b) creating and presenting dev-test clones.

I was going to ask here if any others have done similar things with with WFA but I find no mentions of SMSQL or SM-SQL here. In considering the underlying design choices I see several options and would be interested in hearing the pros and cons of each from others with more experience in these topics:

  • Use SnapManager for SQL's PowerShell cmdlets which allow a -remoteComputerName (?) option to perform a function on a remote system running SM-SQL. This would seem to require that SMSQL be installed on the WFA server itself. Can SM-SQL be installed on a Windows system that does not necessarily have MS-SQL installed on it?
  • Another choice would be to use remote Windows functions such as the Invoke-Command cmdlet discussed elsewhere in this community. The idea would be to use it invoke SM-SQL cmdlets on the remote systems running MS-SQL and SM-SQL. This would eliminate the need for SM-SQL on the the WFA server but may have other disadvantages.
  • Implement SnapCreator along side SM-SQL and use the SnapCreator Pack. I have the most questions about this since it raises several unknowns for me. For example: can SnapCreator and SM-SQL co-exist (happily or begrudgingly) on the same M-SQL server? Does SnapCreator allow the creation of clones and making them available to others hosts similar what SM-SQL can do? 
  • different option(s)?

I'm hoping these questions solicit discussion and opinions on tradeoffs and opinions on which might be the better choice in different situations.




My pick would be option 2 i.e. use Invoke-Command. Its extremely useful cmdlet and has just too many advantages not to use it. You build your Posh script, run them remotely from WFA server. Disadvantages? I don't know, nothing that I have come across.


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