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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

upgrade ontap to 8.1.3 breaks Performance Advisor logical objects?


Our netapps were upgraded to Ontap 8.1.3 (7-mode).

A 5.1 DFM server collected data fine until this weekend's upgrade. None of the logical objects are showing any data in Performance Advisor.

Two of the Netapps that couldn't be upgraded are still collecting/displaying performance data fine.

I did install the 8.1.3 plugin...still no luck.

What am I missing?





Hi Tom,

Can you tell me if you were running straight 8.1.3 or are you running a "P" release?  I have one set of heads that are a clean install of 8.1.3 and the volume statistics are working just fine on them.... I have two other sets that we upgraded from 8.0.2p4 to 8.1.3p3 and they are not providing volume statistics. 

I am not too worried about it, just curious why the one set is working.



Not sure if I am looking at the same place as you are .

Last weekend we upgraded from ontap 8.1.2 to 8.1.3P1 and just now I ran this command to pull the volume statistics for last 5 minutes i.e 300 sec and the latest data was being pulled fine(I queried for a volumes counter as below).

We are running oncommand 5.1 with the latest plugin for 8.1.3 ontap

dfm-hostname:~> dfm plugin list | grep 8.1.3

Storage System Config 8.1.3      R8.1.3xN_130608_0755 storage systems and vFilers

dfm-Hostname:~> dfm version list

list 5.1 (5.1)

dfm-Hostname:~> dfm perf data  retrieve -o 159704  -C volume:total_ops -d 300

Timestamp       159704:CT_ctops4P_n01ora1_nosnap:total_ops


2013-12-05 04:40:59     130.656

2013-12-05 04:41:59     108.083

2013-12-05 04:42:59     138.033

2013-12-05 04:44:08     156.391

Hi Keith,Eelco and Morgan,

         Let me explain. This issue is present in ONTAP version 8.1.3 and later. This doesnt affect all controllers running 8.1.3 but those that are loaded.

The API with which Performance data is being collected timesout when PA makes a call to get all the data, on loaded 8.1.3 ONTAP.

The fix for this bug is in progress is not available in both 5.2P1 or 5.2P1D1.

I suggest you guys talk to NetApp SE to understand the ETA for the fix and the version that it would be available.




Apparently this is fixed within the latest patch release.

Bug Fix: 741312 OnCommand Unified Manager 5.x does not collect performance statistics on the controllers running Data ONTAP 8.1.3 or later operating in 7-mode

Based on the initial bug report it sounds like a reboot may be required to kick off the counters again.

"When writing or configuring an ONTAPI client, avoid use of the 7-mode function "perf-object-get-instances".

The iterator versions may be used instead:  perf-object-get-instances-iter-start perf-object-get-instances-iter-next perf-object-get-instances-iter-end  Once the system is impacted a reboot is necessary to clear the situation."


Hi Tom,

     This is a known issue due to an API Change, please open a case and add it to bug 741312.

A D patch for the same is in progress and is planned out of 5.2P1. So you will have to upgrade to 5.2P1D1 (?) to fix the same.

BTW, except for Configuration (ontap Options) management plugins are not required for working of any of the DFM functionality




Hello Adai,

I see that both 5.2P1 and 5.2P1D1 are availlable, can you tell me if bug 741312 is fixed in the 5.2P1 or 5.2P1D1 release?

The bug detail list is a bit empty 🙂




Hi Eelco,

             AFAIK, the bug is not part of both these release.




Hi Adai,

Sorry, but I am not following your reply. Are you saying that the bug does not exist in either 5.2p1 and 5.2p1d1 and that we could use either or are you saying that the fix is not in either and that we would still not get volume statistics in OnCommad Unified Manager if we installed them?

If the fix is in neither, can you advise when we might see that fix?  The volume statistics are pretty handy.


Hi Adai,


Do you happen to know the progress on bug 741312 as you mentioned the bug number some time ago. 🙂



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