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Protection Manager: How to delete Snapmirror/Vault Secondary Volumes/Qtr. once Protection Policy ist removed direct from dfpm ?


Problem is with DPM, once created a Protection Policy (doesn't matter which one vault/mirror) if you want to whip out secondary vols/trees you need to select "no Protection Policy" and later to clean up  Manually all Snapmirror relation-Ships ev. Deleting snapmirror.conf (destination) and so on. At least I don’t know another way.  Especially while testing huge work. Why there is not a command like  >dfpm relationship delete which removes secondary trees/vols ?  Does anybody has any idea how to wipe out undesired old snap vault/mirrors- targets without to use ontapp systems direct from dfpm ?  Thank for help



Hi Juerg,

     When delete the dataset, automatically the secondary volume are deleted. Or if you remove a secondary volume or qtree from a dataset after 2 hour ( thats when the reaper kicks in) it gets deleted.

Pls find attached a detailed doc on how relationships are deleted.

Many Thanks, very qualified answer! Perfect working now with dpReaperInterval=1minute and Orphaned.
But was quite surprised when I used dpdpReaperInterval=1minute with "automatic" old mirrors retations-ships where not deleted. Only after changing back to Orphan, may I overlooked time settings an needed to wait more time.
Did I understand right, secondary volumes which are not part anymore of Datasets,  however never deleted ?
Other remarques: Why Volumes once in Datasets are not 100% cleanuped, means they stay internelly in Sybase DB
when you delete Datasets and all Volumes. Why we need to clean up manually with
dfm volume delete -f {ID of volume} z.B dfm volume delete -f all
I mean, if Operator is realing delting resources then sould be wipped out and not if you recreate that volumes are created with volume_1...volume_2.. etc.
May would be good to change that in code thate delete is really delete.
But many thanks