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create snapshot command



     When trying to work with the create snapshot command, the column for "Array" under the command is not visible, and I cannot find a way to populate it.  I see all of the relevent code when I look at he powershell module for the command, and I see "Snapshot Name" and "Volume", only "Array" appears to be hidden.

Is there an update to this command, or am I missing something(the most likely possibility?)




Re: create snapshot workflow


Hi Scott,

We in the WFA team try to help you out. Make your life easy.

As a result, sometimes we map commands parameters to allow an easier parameter setup - Instead of passing the array IP and the volume name we ask you to provide a reference

to a Volume object and we take that information from there.

Look at the command definition, at the "Parameters" tab for what the command requires, and the "Parameter mapping" tab to see what we are taking and from where.

Just send us a Volume variable reference (Not Volume name from user input, mind you) and we'll do just fine.


Yaron haimsohn

WFA team

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Re: create snapshot workflow


Thanks Yaron,

    By looking at the other workflow examples, I was able to manipulate what I needed using the "Find specific volume in array" finder.  I wasn't setting up the define correctly under the finder.

- Scott

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