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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Protection Manager keeps deleting SnapVault relationships


I do see some really weird behavior using Protection Manager.

I try to create a SnapVault relationship manually using

snapvault start -S rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/sapdata_p01_QRW/-  -w /vol/sv_QRW/sapdata

snapvault start -S rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01 -w /vol/sv_QRW/sapdata_p01_QRW

snapvault start -S rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/saplog_p01_QRW/- -w /vol/sv_QRW/saplog

snapvault start -S rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/saplog_p01_QRW/p01 -w /vol/sv_QRW/saplog_p01_QRW    

This kicks off nice

snapcreator:/ # ssh seup snapvault status | grep -i qrw

rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/sapdata_p01_QRW/-       rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/sapdata            Snapvaulted 00:28:04   Idle

rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01     rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/sapdata_p01_QRW    Uninitialized  -          Transferring  (153 GB done)

rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/saplog_p01_QRW/-        rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/saplog             Snapvaulted 00:23:28   Idle

rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/saplog_p01_QRW     Uninitialized  -          Transferring  (499 MB done)

This runs for a while until suddenly the initialization will be aborted

dst Mon Sep 24 23:06:24 CES rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/sapdata_p01_QRW/- rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/sapdata Request (Initialize)

dst Mon Sep 24 23:06:24 CES rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/saplog_p01_QRW/- rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/saplog Request (Initialize)

dst Mon Sep 24 23:06:24 CES rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/saplog_p01_QRW/p01 rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/saplog_p01_QRW Request (Initialize)

dst Mon Sep 24 23:06:24 CES rwz-fas3270-koe:/vol/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01 rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/sapdata_p01_QRW Request (Initialize)


cmd Tue Sep 25 00:49:15 CES - rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/sapdata_p01_QRW Stop_command

cmd Tue Sep 25 00:49:24 CES - rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/saplog_p01_QRW Stop_command

cmd Tue Sep 25 00:49:38 CES - rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/saplog Stop_command

cmd Tue Sep 25 00:49:46 CES - rwz-fas3240-eup:/vol/sv_QRW/sapdata Stop_command

I do not understand who is issuing these Stop_command and I do expect that it is the ProtMgr.

The odd thing is that the Dataset that shall contain the relationships I'm trying to create is just an empty shell

dfpm dataset list -l snapcreator_QRW

Dataset snapcreator_QRW is empty.

dfpm dataset list -a snapcreator_QRW

Id         Name                        Protection Policy           Provisioning Policy Application Policy          Storage Service

---------- --------------------------- --------------------------- ------------------- --------------------------- ---------------

     12543 snapcreator_QRW             #RWZ Backup DB QA

dfm version

dfm 5.0.1 (5.0.1)

Any ideas where this comes from? And no .. the snapcreator is not the culprit ... the according jobs have been deactivated.

Where do i need to look into this for more details?



What does the job progress messages say ? Can you get the output of dfpm dataset list -m, -R <ds name?



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