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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Purging old entries from DFPM Database and repopulate


With the dfpm relationship list command I can list all the existing SV and SM realtionships that the DFM has pickedup

How can i delete the relationship from the DB without deleting the Relationship it self?

How do I purge the DB from old entries?

1067 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01     rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW-2012-03-06 02:57:44.000-1/sapdata_p01_QRW Yes

1068 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW-2012-03-06 02:57:44.000-1/saplog_p01_QRW Yes

1199 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01     rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QBW/sapdata_p01_QRW  Yes

1200 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QBW/saplog_p01_QRW   Yes

1202 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW-2012-03-06 02:57:44.000-1/p01 Yes

1206 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_SSM/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW-2012-03-06 02:57:44.000-1/saplog_p01_SSM Yes

1209 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QR2/saplog_p01_QRW   Yes

1237 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01     rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/p01              Yes

1243 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01     rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/sapdata_p01_QRW  No

1244 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/saplog_p01_QRW   No

1249 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/-        rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/snapcreator_QRW_rwz-fas3270-koe_saplog_p01_QRW Yes

1251 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/-       rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW_2/snapcreator_QRW_rwz-fas3270-koe_sapdata_p01_QRW Yes

1253 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/p01     rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW_2/p01            Yes

1287 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/sapdata_p01_QRW/-       rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/sapdata          Yes

1288 snapvault  0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/-        rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/saplog           No

12463 snapvault 0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/-        rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/sapdata          No

12464 snapvault 0  rwz-fas3270-koe:/saplog_p01_QRW/p01      rwz-fas3240-eup:/sv_QRW/p01              Yes

The aim is to reset parts of the ProtMgr DB and rebuild some faulty



If any of these relationship are being managed in PM under a dataset, then before removing the entry from db you will have to relinquish it from the dataset.

Refreshing data from host mpo-vsim15 (138) now.

[root@vmlnx~]# dfpm dataset relinquish help


    relinquish -- mark a relationship as external


    dfpm dataset relinquish { [ <destination-volume-name-or-id> ] | [ <destination-qtree-name-or-id> ] }


    The relationship will be marked as external. Source and destination objects are left unchanged.

[root@vmlnx ~]#

Followed by  dfbm primary dir relinquish <relationship Id output of dfpm relationship list>

If they are not managed in any dataset, then only run the dfbm primary dir relinquish cli.



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