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Purging Information Events - Oncommand Core


I've recently configured snmp on a bunch of filers to enable me to set up alerts for Volume AutoGrow and Snapshot AutoDelete events.

All is good except that I now have 6000+ Information Trap Received events showing in the Oncommand console - most of these are for SME jobs that are running every hour.

Is there a way to mass delete these Information Events in DFM/CORE?

This isnt having an impact but I would like to stop them growing indefinately.

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I'm goinng to give this a shot...please note that this procedure will delete all types of events, not just the one's you are referencing. This means you won't be able to go back and review historical capacity reports, volume info, etc. This is a brute force method to deleting all events. Please proceed with caution.

There are specific tables in the DFM database that contain information about the events that take place.

Sep 13 17:43:39 [DFMEvent:DEBUG]: [1984:0x664]: currentEvents table for eventType=volume.growthrate, eventSourceId=327, eventSourceTable=0. Sep 13 17:43:40 [DFMEvent:DEBUG]: [1984:0x664]: currentEvents table for eventType=volume.growthrate, eventSourceId=329, eventSourceTable=0.

The DFM event log \NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\log\DFMEvent.log contains information about when these events are purged.

Sep 13 11:15:09 [DFMEvent: INFO]: [1984:0x780]: Purged 0 events from current events table in 1 seconds.

Sep 13 11:15:09 [DFMEvent: INFO]: [1984:0x780]: Purged 0 events from events table in 0 seconds.

Sep 13 11:15:09 [DFMEvent: INFO]: [1984:0x780]: Purged 0 job progress events from job progress events table in 0 seconds.

Sep 13 11:15:09 [DFMEvent: INFO]: [1984:0x780]: Purged 0 jobs from dp jobs table in 0 seconds.

You can control how long events are retained via the following dfm option. Issue this command on the DFM server.

C:\>dfm options list eventsPurgeInterval

Option              Value

------------------- ------------------------------

eventsPurgeInterval 25.71 weeks

You could in theory change this setting to be something like one day. Use the dfm option set command (dfm option set help).Then DFM will go through and purge all of the events. You could keep track by reviewing the event file mentioned above. Keep in mind this will delete all events and could create CPU overhead. I would only reccomend doing this if you really dont need any of the DFM data. In most examples people need their data so this won't work. I'm responding to mention that it can be done, though it may be brutal.

I'm just thinking outside of the box on this one. I'm not aware of any way to delete specific events, just all of them. Please proceed with caution and be sure to change the setting back once you are done.