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Query on reports?



1. I am creating report to list down storage systems connected to servers along with their HBA details like manufacturer, model, driver, firmware. But I see some empty fields in model where manufacturer is emulex. I am specially looking for models NCxxxx because they are causing some problem but none of the Emulex shows NCxxxx model. Why?

2. I wanted to generate report for Netapp vfilers like no. of vfilers in a system, allocated and consumed capacity along with other details. But I couldn't track the vfilers related info in report studio or anywhere in pre-defined reports. Any help?



There is no industry standard for who reports what to the FC Name Server, so OCI makes a best effort attempt to parse that which is reported as HBA model/firmware/driver/vendor.

You may have a specific hba driver + OS permutation that does not report anything usable to the FCNS, or does not report model.

I know HPUX never reports anything useful for HBA information, so OCI cannot report any of this info for HPUX servers.

Vfiler - OCI knows vfiler as an attribute on an internal volume (flexvol), but does not model the vfiler as an object in and of itself.

In your environment, is there a 1:1 relationship between flexvols and vfilers?

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