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Question about triggering workflows


Can an OnCommand Workflow Automation workflow be triggered automatically based off of a DFM event?  or is the whole tool more geared towards just simplifying tasks that take multiple steps?

Looking for a way that we might could automatically trigger certain workflows that we are building.


Re: Question about triggering workflows


Neither Oncommand WFA nor DFM have any built-in mechanism to do it. But you can certainly make one and in more than one possible way. You need to make use of the facts that:

  1. DFM events can send an SNMP trap which a Trap-receiver can receive.
  2. WFA workflow execution can be triggered using REST APIs which can be called pragmatically.
  3. A trap-receiver can do more than just receive traps. It can even trigger an execution.

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Re: Question about triggering workflows



     As Sinhaa said, you can use the SNMP traps to trigger workflows using WFA RESTful Api.

BTW what version of OCUM are you using ? If its 5.x you can even call a script in the context of an alarm which is tied to an event.

This script in turn can call the WFA workflow using RestFul Api.

BTW could you explain more on what kind of trigger are you looking for ?



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