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Regarding Physical Used Capacity in 9.14


Hi everyone,

We're currently investigating some significant differences in the reported physical used capacity between NetApp versions 9.13 and 9.14 and would appreciate your insights.

In version 9.13, when querying the physical used capacity using the CLI command

volume show -volume Apr* -fields size,available,total,used,physical-used, we received the following results:

vserver               volume               size                   available           total            used       physical-used
--------             -----------                     -------            ---------                 -------            -----       -------------
NetApp_2       Apr_ss_15gb       17.89GB          17.89GB        17.89GB       340KB       340KB
NetApp_2        Apr_ss_70gb       78.86GB          78.86GB       78.86GB       308KB      308KB

However, when querying the same information in version 9.14 with the same CLI command,

volume show -volume Apr* -fields size,available,total,used,physical-used,we observed a notable increase in the reported physical used capacity:

vserver           volume                          size          available        total        used      physical-used
--------             -----------                     -------             ---------          -------         -----          -------------
NetApp_2     Apr_ss_15gb       17.89GB       17.89GB       17.89GB    468KB   17.99GB
NetApp_2    Apr_ss_70gb         78.86GB       78.86GB      78.86GB    456KB    79.30GB

We're trying to understand the reasons behind this discrepancy:

  1. What constitutes physical used capacity in NetApp?
  2. What changes were made between versions 9.13 and 9.14 that could account for the differences in physical used capacity?
  3. What additional data is included in the calculation of physical used capacity in version 9.14 compared to version 9.13?
  4. Where can we find documentation or resources detailing these changes to better understand how to interpret the physical used metric in our storage environment?

Any insights or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank You.!



Hello,  Is this bug for Ontap 9.141.1? Do you have any further information