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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Resource pool for mirrors ignored


We're starting to use Unified Manager for provisioning and protection tasks. And we've got one question.

We configured resource pools, provisioning and protection policies as well as storage services. Then we created a dataset and attached a storage service policy. When we try to provision a LUN we get the following error:

Conformance Results

=== SEVERITY ===

Error:          Conformance checking for node 'Primary data' (1) for dataset 'Production Replicated FC VMFS' (3526) failed.

=== ACTION ===

Conformance checking for node 'Primary data' (1) for dataset 'Production Replicated FC VMFS' (3526).

=== REASON ===

No physical resources are associated with the destination node 'Mirror' (2) for dataset 'Production Replicated FC VMFS' (3526) and also The NDMP login failed for the storage systems hosting the members of the resource pool(s) 'SATA Pool' (3522).


Add physical resources to this destination node or Make sure the NDMP credentials are set correctly for the storage systems hosting the members of the resource pool(s).

Do we need to manually associate physical resources with the mirror destination each time we create a dataset? Why aren't they automatically picked up from the associated resource pool?



Really need some feedback here. Anyone? It seems like a pretty basic issue.



    Have you added your Resource pool to your Storage Service ? Both to the primary node and Mirror node ?

As per the error, can you make sure your NDMP credentials are set for both the source and destination controllers ? You can do this by running the Diagnose Wizard from

NMC>ManageData>Hosts>Storage Systems

BTW what is the version of OCUM server are you running ? Is this a normal dataset or application dataset or virtual dataset ?




Any other suggestions? I'm new to Unified Manager, so I may be missing something absolutely obvious here. I'd be happy to check even the most simple things. I just do not know what are they.


Hi Nikita,

         All data protection operations in Protection Manager is done using NDMP. Pls got to NMC>ManageData>Hosts>Storage Systems click on the diagnose wizard and enable NDMP, and set the credentials for NDMP users.

The same user of root can be used a NDMP user as well.

I also suggest you read this guide which explains the pre-req in detail.


Esp the topic titled

Configure the host storage systems

In the guide named Guide to Common Provisioning and Data Protection Workflows for 7-Mode

Protection example workflow>Configure the host storage systems




Adaikkappan, you were right. Bringing ndmpd up has solved the problem.

The UM was set up before me, so I didn't see the installation manual. Reading the documentation was probably the first thing I had to do.

But I didn't think at the time that NDMP could affect that. Can you shed some light on why NDMP is required to provision storage via UM. I do realize that it can be used for migration tasks (such commands as ndmpcopy), but why provisioning is based on it?


Hi Nikita,

    We don't need ndmp for provisioning volume, but we need it for all backup or mirror related operations like, snapmirror or snapvault create, initialize update etc.




We've configured separate pools for primary (Site1 FC Pool) and mirror destination (Site2 SATA Pool) storage, because they are at different sites. And yes, these resource pools are applied to the storage service. If I configure particular physical resource for the mirror in the dataset configuration, issue goes away. But it diminishes the idea of resource pools then.

We don't use NDMP. Is it necessary to configure NDMP credentials and bring up ndmpd anyway?

It's OCUM (5.1).

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