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SANscreen DWH Switch Port Report


I would like to make a simple report as follows:

Data Center, Switch Name, Blade, (Port) Number, Connected to Name

I can find:

Data Center, Switch Name, Blade, (Port) Number

In the Inventory data mart, but not Connected to Name.

I can find:

Data Center, Switch Name, Connected to Name

In the Port Capacity data mart, but not Blade and Port Number.

Am I missing something?  Is there somewhere I can have it all?  I might like to include the Application and BU of the host as well.





I've managed to perform the query you're looking for.  I joined through the port_connectivity table.  The necessary where clause will look something like this:

switch_port.ID = port_connectivity.portID and

port_connectivity.type = "SWITCH_PORT" and

port_connectivity.connectedType = "HOST_PORT" and

port_connectivity.connectedID = host_port.ID and

host_port.hostID = host.ID

You should be able to get from that host.ID to the application and BU annotations via the object_to_annotation and annotation_value tables. 

Note that I'm using SQL directly to the Inventory data mart; translating this to work in the GUI I'll leave to you. 

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