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SOAP empty input


Hi WFA Community,


Have a workflow GUI that inputs a VMWARE cluster name, and then it looks for an IGROUP that matches the VMWARE cluster name. Then it retrieves the VSERVER for example, which is a user input ( $ ). So in the GUI once you fill in the VMWARE cluster name, the $VSERVER is filled automatically via SQL search.


But I would like to execute the workflow via SOAP with the VMWARE cluster name only as an input. The $VSERVER needs to be automatically filled. Does anyone know how to make a SQL search inside a function to take the user input away or how we could make a the SOAP request fill the SQL input before it is executed ?


Thanks in advance!


Re: SOAP empty input


Currently this feature is not available using SOAP/REST.

Re: SOAP empty input


Then I will have to write 2 filters/finders :


- Find vserver by existing igroup

- Find the best aggregate by existing igroup


Working on it.



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