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Security enabled mail groups are not working


I have a NetApp unit:

Booted primary firmware version 2.2.2P2
Booted primary ACP version 01.21
Primary firmware version 2.2.2P2
Primary ACP version 01.21
Backup firmware version 2.2.2P2
Backup ACP version 01.21


System ID:
NetApp Release 8.2.2 7-Mode
98 days 5 hours 38 minutes
Compliance Clock Time:


I have setup a qtree as a share.  The unit has joined AD and uses domain authentication.  I had built 2 security groups.  One an AD group and one a Security-enabled Mail Group.  The first is maintained by the corporation, the second by us.


The first works fine.  The second can be added, but security doesn't work from it.  I tried to setup the Security Mail Group  as share permissions level.  It seems to be ignored

Example, putting a user in that group, removing permission for 'everyone' results in 'access denied'.  Putting the user in the permissions directly works fine


The group is defines as a 'Universal' group, with it's AD string shown here (sections redacted):


>groupType: -2147483640 [UNIVERSAL(8);SECURITY(2147483xxx)]


The question is why will it not work?



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