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pBlks of a controller monitoring in DFM Performance Advisor


Hello colleagues,


Because we have time to time problems with pBlk exhaustion on the system, we decided to implement solution I found in this KB


I completed steps 1-5 without problem during implementation. Step 6 is not done yet, and this is one of the points, I would like to ask you to help me with.


1) As I said, steps 1-5 are done. I can see specific metric in the performance advisor for specific system. Chart windows are there, but every window has only text - "No data are currently available for the chart". Is this expected? I dont think so.


2) Regarding step 6, I would like to ask you, if anyone can support me with proper threshold calculations. Is there any methodology, how to calculate those values properly?


I would apreciate any help.


Thank you,

Petr Jaros





If you are open (or prefer) using an open source method you can use NetApp Harvest data collector (on the NetApp ToolChest) which collects many counters, including pBLK related ones (current and exhaust count from memory) and sends that to the open source metrics platform Graphite and dashboarding software Grafana.  It also includes queue length for auth and vscan requests, latency of AD and vscan requests, etc, and has a windows fileserving dashboard to view it all.  The collector just got posted earlier in the week and I published a blog about it earlier today here:


The solution on the blog doesn't include alerting, but there are some other open source projects to do that (cabot, beacon, etc) if it is a necessity for you.



So just one other option to Perf Advisor that I thought I would mention.



Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA


Hello Chris,


thanks for your proposal of this another solution. I will check this option as well.


Anyway I  prefer to use tools we have already in place, and Im familiar with. And I have doubts about my skills and ability to implement this open source solution, once I have problem to implement this DFM solution, Im already familiar with 🙂








Well, let's start with what version are you running?   Because only in 8.2.x you can reset the counters with -z


Multi-level threshold alerting is sometimes useless with pblk exhaustion






we have DOT 7mode 8.2.3 and DFM 5.2.1 (Win2012)

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