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Seemless BMC Connector setup


During the setup of the Seemless BMC Connector, Avnet provides plenty of information for their client. A little harder to find is how to setup access for the client to the DWH database.

Is the Database called DWH_inventory? If I create a user in the GUI User Management what level of access should I provide and does it even provide access to the MySQL database. If not how do I create that user?


Re: Seemless BMC Connector setup


this is a total guess, but I'd use dwhuser, password netapp123

Re: Seemless BMC Connector setup


Hey Bret,

I don't have any hands on time with the BMC connector, but I am going to guess that it is using the built in, read-only MySQL user the OCI DWH exposes. This mysql user is dwhuser  / netapp123

dwh_inventory is one of the databases this user has read only access to. The inventory mart is a point in time (as of the last ETL) inventory view of the world, as your OCI servers merged together will see it


Re: Seemless BMC Connector setup


I suspect this ID/ password will work, but it is not possible to test it until we unblock the connection to the database.

The connection is blocked after 10 unsuccessfully connection attempts.

See the error below:

Further investigation on the internet and it seems that we need to unblock it in the mySQL server running the command “mysqladmin flush-hosts”.

Is there an automatic unblock after a period of time or is there actually a need to flush from the MySQL prompt?

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