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Setting Export Policy on Qtree



I'm currently creating Workflows, to create a CIFS Share and an NFS Export.

In these Workflows it also creates a new Qtree.

Now I want to set an Export Policy on this new Qtree.

I saw, that when you want to create a new volume you have the option to add an Export Policy, but when you create a Qtree this option is missing.

Is there any way to set an Export Policy on a Qtree in WFA?


Thanks for the help





Re: Setting Export Policy on Qtree






I assume you are working with Clusterd DataONTAP and your WFA is on windows.


You need to create a new command for this.


1. Clone the existing "Create Qtree" command

2. Replace the code with the code as attached in txt file. I just added parameter Export Policy.

3. Press button "Discover Parameters"

4. Save the command and use it.





This should fix the code part and it will work too. Only WFA dictionary table cm_storage.qtree doesn't have a row for Export Policy. Why? I don't know right now, its probably the designer choice. Or due to OCUM limitation.


This column in cm_storage.qtree can be helpful. This should give you advatnge of resource selection, reservation etc. So that would be complete solution for qtree with export policy.

If you want this, I can provide that too.




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Re: Setting Export Policy on Qtree




Thank you for your reply, this solved my problem!

I'm running WFA on Linux but that isn't a problem I just did the same thing as you in Perl.



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