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Showing host OS in SANscreen 6.1.3


Some of my customer's OSs (Windows, AIX, Solaris, and Linux) show up when hosts are discovered, but many more don't. What needs to be in place to make that work for all hosts?


Re: Showing host OS in SANscreen 6.1.3


Hi stapleto,

Nothing additional is required.

First, you need to know that you cannot get OS info from physical servers.

Second, in case of virtual servers make sure that vmtools are properly installed.

If you need more info, please elaborate the problem.


Sunil Yadav

Re: Showing host OS in SANscreen 6.1.3


It is fairly rare for this to work:

#1. Host virtualization datasources - Our Vmware datasource knows what ESX version and build is installed. Our AIX PowerVM datasource may do the same.

#2. A few storage datasources will tell this - given what you have stated, I am pretty sure you have a HP Eva environment and you are identifying hosts via Storage Aliases, where we can associate the OS type to the WWNN of the host HBA(s).

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