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SnapMirror Update: Complete events/alarms: only for Protection Manager?



I have a customer that has encountered the following situation.

  1. They have SnapMirror relationships created using the BCO Disaster Recovery tab in the Operations Manager interface. They need to generate email when the transfers complete so other actions can be taken.
  2. They have enabled alarms for the event "SnapMirror Update: Complete"
  3. No alarms are generated on completion of the SnapMirror transfers.

I have tested this in my lab and confirmed similar behavior with one exception - relationships created as part of Protection Manager datasets DO generate the events and alarms.

Question: Is this expected behavior? Is the "SnapMirror Update: Complete" event generated only for SnapMirror relationships owned by Protection Manager? Is there a way to enable this functionality for all SnapMirror relationships, short of importing them into Protection Manager?




Hi Phil,

     Pls check this public report

With the exception of generating warning and error events for SnapMirror lag,  OCUM doesn't generate snapmirror related events uless they are managed.

What is surprising to me is that, when its managed via BCO, and you dont get events.

I will have to check on the same to confirm if its expected behavior or regression.

Could pls let me know the version of your OCUM ?



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