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Stuck at work this week with OCI and HNAS?


Are you like me, and working this week?


Are you also like me, and would like to see Hitachi NAS (HNAS) inventory support in OCI?


If you have spare time, and want to get together to run a "standalone" OCI datasource to automatically run a bunch of CLI commands via SSH against your HNAS, we would appreciate this as this will help us work towards a OCI HNAS beta datasource for OCI 7.1.x early next year.


Email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com if you'd like to get together via a webex - all we need is:


30 minutes

the ability to download and unzip this standalone datasource onto your OCI server

Administrator level username and password that can SSH to the HNAS - we aren't certain yet if we can live with only read-only credentials.


A standalone datasource is a fancy name for a zip file that unpacks a batch script with some java code. We invoke the batch script, passing some parameters that get passed to a standalone Java runtime environment that runs out code, using the credentials and IP to SSH, and running a variety of read only CLI commands. We log all the data. This will not impact OCI in any way - OCI has no idea we'd be doing this.



Hey all,


If you have a lab instance of OCI 7.1.x, we have a drop in alpha datasource for Hitachi NAS. Ping me at ostiguy at netapp dot com if you'd like to play with this




Ping ping ping!!  What's the status of the HNAS data source?






Here is where we are with Hitachi NAS:


#1. It is shipping with OCI 7.2.0, and will ship with the next OCI 7.1.x data source service pack, as well as with OCI 7.1.3, what will likely be the last maintenance release for OCI 7.1.x


#2. Currently, we have implemented reporting OCI storage pools (spans in HDS-speak), OCI internal volumes ("file systems" in HDS-speak). We will know which internal volumes maps to which SVM/vFiler (EVS in HDS-speak). What we haven't implemented yet is qtree support (virtual voliume aka vivol in HDS-speak) or iSCSI support.


OCI is treating HNAS as a storage virtualizer, and so long as you discover the backend storage, OCI will understand which HNAS storage pool sits on virtual disks mapping to volumes from the appropriate backend arrays.


Hi Matt



We have a HNAS 4060 in our OCI 7.2.1 Test,

the hnas heads use disks from a HDS G1000, we can see the "Hosts" (hnas heads) and the mapped Volumes.

But we can´t  activate the hnas data source 

2016-06-27 13:09:11,530 FATAL [com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.datasource.BaseDataSource] [foundation] HNAS_lrcukem - Runtime exception: com/onaro/sanscreen/acquisition/datasource/hnas_cli/builder/HnasClient
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/onaro/sanscreen/acquisition/datasource/hnas_cli/builder/HnasClient






Hey Michael,


I am thinking you are probably on OCI 7.2.0, or 7.2.1.


Installing Data Source Service Pack 2 for OCI 7.2.[0-1] should resolve a few HNAS issues, including the error that you are seeing




hi Matt,


We are on 

OnCommand Insight 7.2.1 build 7

the SP2 installations goes failed, I send you a e-mail with the log files last Friday  ( to you remember 🙂  ? )




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