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Support for older LSI arrays



I have a Customer who is running Oracle DB on StorageTek 2500. He wants to have a check on the performances.

Is OnCommand Balance able to monitor such arrays ? I only see support for E5400 and E2600 from NetApp



Do you know what firmware it is running? It is probably Engenio sourced.


Yes it is Engenio sourced

The firmware they run is


Yes, OnCommand Balance does support the StorageTek SUN storage. It uses the Engenio SMIS provider. See the following instructions.

The reccomended SMI-S software is on

Downloads > Software > Scroll to the E-series Storage Systems drop and select SMI-S and VDS/VSS Providers > Go > View & Download > E-Series Storage System Providers > Accept EULA.

Once at the download page, you should see the following for a selection.

  • You will want to select the file for download.

Adding Storage arrays to SMI Provider for management:

  • Install SMIS-WS32-10.19.6021.exe on the Balance Windows 2003 proxy server
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\EngenioProvider\SMI_SProvider\bin
  • Run ProviderUtil.bat (take defaults unless specified)
  • Input CIMOM Username: root
  • Input CIMON Password: root
  • Input Port [5988]: “leave blank for default”
  • Input Operation: (choose 1, add device)
  • Input the IP address of array


In Balance you will need to do the following:

  1. Add New Credential in BalancePoint for the array.  Discover --> Credential (root root)
  2. Create a new Multiprovider.  Discover -> Multiprovider -->  SMI-S
  3. Select Type: SMIS
  4. IP: <IPaddress_of_SMI-S_Provider>
  5. Specify Credential you created
  6. Discovery > Storage arrays > Unmonitored Storage arrays.  The arrays will show up as “Unmonitored Arrays”. The Multiprovider will discover all arrays on the server with Engenio SMI Provider
  7. Select the array and Monitor it.

***Scalability issues:  The maximum configuration recommended for the SMI provider is either 3 storage systems or a total of 512 volumes, whichever is reached first.  This is only an approximate limit. If the limits are exceeded, the provider may not be able to generate performance statistics. For best performance of the provider, a minimum of 1 GB heap memory is recommended.

best regards,

Don Bourque

OnCommand Balance SE


Hello Don.

I have problem with installation of SMI-S agent to monitor IBM DS4700 array.

I have downloaded SMIS-WS32-10.19.6021.exe and installed it on Balance Proxy Server (Windows 2008 R2) as you wrote above.

I've founded these recomendations in OnCommand Balance 4.1.0 Installation and Configuration Guide also.

But I can't navigate to "C:\Program Files\EngenioProvider\SMI_SProvider\bin" and can't find ProviderUtil.bat anywhere on the disk.

The default installation folder on my server is:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\lsi\pegasus"

Could you please advice how I can configure SMI-S agent for IBM DS4700?

Best regards,

Ivan Boichenko.