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Synchronous Snapmirror license required on storage system


I'm getting this error during the vFiler migration pre-flight checks:

Conformance Results

=== SEVERITY ===

Error:    Synchronous Snapmirror license required  on storage system 'na01'(151) for Automated Online Migration.

=== REASON ===

Migration not supported (Error 23509)


No suggested corrective action is available.

Snapmirror is licensed on na01 and snapmirror_sync shows ENABLED

I did a dfm host discover na01 in case it was a stale DFM DB issue - no change

thanks for any tips!



I'm testing vfiler migrations as well on 8.2 and getting the same error. I've found a couple of mentions that even though sync and semi sync snapmirror are included in the snapmirror license you need to add a special free one. I found it here:

but the license in the page isn't the right format for 8.2 so I'm going to raise a ticket with support


finally got the thing stop reporting a licensing issue.

I had to upgrade DFM/Ops Mgr/OnCommand Unified Manager to 5.3, the Management console to 3.3 and then install separately the plugin for 8.2 from here:

Even though the release notes state that 5.3 now supports the licensing changes to ONTAP 8.2 it didn't. Once the plugin was installed and I refreshed the system via Ops Mgr the Management console correctly reported the 8.2 systems' licensing. However it failed on something else, differing disk types ATA to FSAS.

In the end I pre-created the required vols on target system, didn't restrict them and then ran:

vfiler migrate -l root:<p/w> -c secure <source vfiler>@<source filer>

this worked even with an open file and a script constantly writing to a 3GB file @ 120MB/s so as long as the NFS timeouts are long enough (we're NFS shop) there's just a pause rather than and down time