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No clusters visible in Unified Manager 6.0RC1


I've installed OCUM 6.0RC1 according to instructions and I'm able to add clusters, but even after waiting for couple of hours there's nothing displayed on the dashboard except "Cluster add operation might take a few minutes. The event “Cluster Add Failed” is raised in case of failure." There's nothing visible on the Storage -> Clusters list either, but if I try to add one of the clusters again, I get an error saying the cluster already exists.

I've tried deleting the OCUM virtual machine and deploying it again and rebooting the virtual machine after waiting for some time with no luck. Network settings are correct and firewall rules allow HTTPS access to cluster management lif from the virtual machine.

Is there any solution to this or is this a known error that will be fixed in GA?






Please open a support case and post the # here so we can follow up with you.

This falls under class 4 of the triage template:

In addition to having answers for the questions in that section, we will also need the following data for the support case:

  • In the upper right corner of the Web interface, choose Help -> About OnCommand Unified Manager. Copy the first three lines of text from this dialog (product name, Version, and System ID) for version and AutoSupport location.
  • Generate an AutoSupport from the Web interface by clicking on, in the upper right corner of the Web interface, Administration -> Setup Options -> Management Server -> AutoSupport. If the text Administration is not visible or the submenu of Management Server is not visible, log in with an account that holds the OnCommand Administrator role and generate an AutoSupport.




Hi Kevin,

The case number is 2004564267.




Hi Jussi,

Can you check, if you have got any event "cluster-add-failed" or "cluster-monitoring-failed" in events grid.  The link to events grid is present next to dashboard menu.

On events grid, to find out these events, you can do filter on Name column using "*cluster*add" or "*cluster*monitoring".

If there is an event, it'll have details about why it is failing.




There's no events at all. Even after clearing all filters in the event view, the only thing displayed is "No data found".

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