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System Manager 2.2 requires 64-bit Java &


I'm trying to install System Manager 2.2 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine with only Java 32 bit installed and get a message "OnCommand System Manager requires a 64-bit Java 7 software. No 64-bit Java software detected".   The requirements only state that 32 bit Java is required.  Why do I get this message?


Re: System Manager 2.2 requires 64-bit Java &



Actually, the System Manager download page states the following:

"Installing 32-bit or 64-bit JRE depends on the operating system. If you have a 32-bit Windows operating system, 32-bit JRE must be installed. Similarly, if you have a 64-bit Windows operating system, 64-bit JRE must be installed."

Since you are running a 64-bit OS, you should install a 64-bit JRE.


Pedro Rocha.

Re: System Manager 2.2 requires 64-bit Java &


are you opening it with a x64 internet browser -if so you will need to install 64-bit JRE

Re: System Manager 2.2 requires 64-bit Java &


There's a problem with the 64-bit online Java installer and you'll need to download the manual installer here:

That's what I did and it worked for me.

Re: System Manager 2.2 requires 64-bit Java &


I was having a similar problem.  In my case I upgraded from Java 6 to Java 7 but the System Manager installer was still seeing Java 6 and throwing and error.  I followed Chris Maki's advice and tried the manual Java 7 installer, it worked fine and I was able to install System Manager.

Re: System Manager 2.2 requires 64-bit Java &



pc whit Centos 6.5, I solved installing  jdk-7u51-linux-x64.rpm instead of  jre-7u51-linux-x64.rpm

after that, install System manager with:

yum install sysmgr*

my yum repo are:

adobe-linux-x86_64                         Adobe Systems Incorporated                                                  2

base                                       CentOS-6 - Base                                                         6,367

epel                                       Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 6 - x86_64                         10,523

extras                                     CentOS-6 - Extras                                                          14

updates                                    CentOS-6 - Updates                                                        569


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