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System Manager as a WebSite


Can you please advise if it is possible to install system manager as a website on a server

It looks like we need to install this software on every machne from where we need to connect to the filer.

incase of FilerView, the site could be accessible from all the systems without need of any installation.

i am trying to see if we can install this as a website may be by installing Tomcat.


Re: System Manager as a WebSite


Although SystemManager uses web technologies and runs a internal web server there is neither a supported way to make this possible, nor have I ever heard of anyone got this working.

Re: System Manager as a WebSite



We are discussing how to bring Systems Manager onboard the controllers like Filerview was. We understand the need, and have heard the many requests like yours.

The process is being worked on now and tested. Check back for updates, and I'm sure a Customer Bulletin will go out when this function goes live.


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