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System Setup and routed networks...?


Today I attempted to deploy a FAS2220 using the System Setup application. The NetApp is connected to a dedicated storage network on a separate VLAN from the rest of the network. Routing is setup to allow traffic to flow between the storage VLAN and the rest of the network.

I ran the System Setup on a laptop connected to the storage VLAN. Both controllers were discovered (although the installation poster doesn't actually state to plug both controllers into the network switch - I just assumed we'd need to do this). I was then given the opportunity to configure the IP address, subnet, default gateway and DNS servers for the controllers. The problem I hit was the DNS servers are not on the storage network. The System Setup program fails to proceed because it is unable to connect to the DNS servers despite the default gateway being set. The laptop, with the same default gateway, can ping and nslookup against the DNS servers without problems, so networking is okay.

It appears that the System Setup cannot connect to devices outside of its own subnet, despite the default gateway being entered.

If I leave the DNS servers blank, the wizard continues, but at the end of the process, I am unable to ping the NetApp from the main network, even though traceroute shows the traffic is going the right way and I can ping the NetApp successfully from the storage network's default gateway.

Is this a known issue or do I have an error somewhere in my configuration (everything looks fine apart from the NetApp though)?

Any help appreciated.




Hi JR,

That sounds like possibly an issue with the default gateway and/or subnet mask.  If your DNS server is not in the same subnet as the storage system you'll need to make sure that your gateway matches the subnet.  Keep in mind that the gateway applies to the data port for the simple System Setup configuration and if you need a more advanced network configuration, you'll need to use a tool like System Manager or the console CLI.

Could you post the IP addresses you are using for the data port, netmask, gateway, & DNS?




New day and a fresh look at the system, we've resolved it...

It was a network issue - the NetApp management interface (e0M) had picked up a network address on the main data network prior to it being moved into the storage VLAN. This was preventing the routing from working as the NetApp thought it was directly connected to the main network. The instruction to power off/on the NetApp in the System Setup was not followed, so this address was still in use.

I discovered this by connecting to the NetApp using OnCommand System Manager. Once we corrected the mistake, it has registered correctly.

Thanks for the pointers.